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It Takes More - Various - Chocolate (Sexy Soul & Funky Hip Hop) (CD)


After going through numerous revisions, his second album O2 was released in O2 matched the stylistic eclecticism of Pronounced Toe-Nay, with each track diverging completely from the one before. He performed once more at the Stellar Awards early in and won several awards. He continued to release independent projects via the internet that showcased even more of his versatile creativity. Divided into segments ranging from traditional gospel and praise anthems to splashes of urban dance, rock, and hip-hop, the ambitious Out The Box was a sprawling double disc set with 36 tracks, which included innovative intros, interludes, and a number of studio tracks.

The supporting cast included a piece band, 4 dancers, a voice ensemble, and a voice choir. Out The Box debuted at No. In July , his father died, forcing him to take on the responsibility of becoming senior pastor of their family's church in his stead.

In , Verity Records sued Williams for one million dollars citing breach of contract. In March , a reconciliation with Zomba Label Group was announced, which would be a joint venture for his Nureau Ink label. The deal was struck under the auspices of new Zomba president "Jazzy" Jordan who previously had guided the careers of R. Kelly and Salt-N-Pepa. However, in June , another split with Zomba was announced, fueled by his leaking of the vitriolic and profanity-laden song "The Naked Truth", along with several similarly themed blogs and videos.

His only Battery Records release was the album Unspoken , released on March 17, That year, he would also present awards at the Grammy pre-telecast, including the first two awards given to Lady Gaga , who was already backstage preparing for her show-opening performance. Starting out as another promotional tool for his music, the interview unexpectedly changed directions, leading to Williams candidly expressing his views on sexuality and revealing his own same-sex attraction.

Though his sexual orientation had already been highly speculated within the African American and gospel communities, the unapologetic tone of these revelations were condemned by conservative Christians, and bookings and appearances were universally cancelled, eventually leading to Williams being excommunicated. Williams, had died the day before. Williams would soon end his pastoral duties at his family's church.

Retrieved September 16, Cheo H. Retrieved September 4, Pitchfork Media. Retrieved on December 24, Additionally: Cheo H. Retrieved on July 2, Coker, Cheo H. O'Neal Parker, Lonnae. Drever, Andrew. Retrieved December 24, Additionally: Coker, Cheo H.

Pettie, Andrew. Reeves, Mosi. Kot, Greg. Coker, Cheo Hodari. Starting in , sales of hip hop music in the United States began to severely wane, leading Time magazine to question if mainstream hip-hop was "dying. Other journalists say the music is just as popular as it ever was, but that fans have found other means to consume the music, [] such as illegally downloading music through P2P networks, instead of purchasing albums and singles from legitimate stores.

For example, Flo Rida is known for his low album sales regardless of his singles being mainstream and having digital success. His second album R. This also happened to him in For example, there are only four samples used in 's Paper Trail by T. The decrease in sampling is in part due to it being too expensive for producers.

In Byron Hurt 's documentary Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes , he claims that hip hop had changed from "clever rhymes and dance beats" to "advocating personal, social and criminal corruption. In the first half of alone artists such as Eminem , [] Rick Ross , [] The Black Eyed Peas , [] and Fabolous [] all had albums that reached the 1 position on the Billboard charts.

Eminem's album Relapse was one of the fastest selling albums of By the late s, alternative hip hop had secured its place within the mainstream, due in part to the declining commercial viability of gangsta rap. Industry observers view the sales race between Kanye West's Graduation and 50 Cent 's Curtis as a turning point for hip hop. West emerged the victor, selling nearly a million copies in the first week alone, proving that innovative rap music could be just as commercially viable as gangsta rap, if not more so.

While his decision to sing about love, loneliness, and heartache for the entirety of the album was at first heavily criticized by music audiences and the album predicted to be a flop, its subsequent critical acclaim and commercial success encouraged other mainstream rappers to take greater creative risks with their music. That's where I'm at right now. I wanna make the most experimental album I ever made. In , Time magazine placed M.

A in the Time list of "World's Most Influential people" for having "global influence across many genres. Due in part to the increasing use of music distribution through social media and bloging , many alternative and non-alternative rappers found acceptance by far-reaching audiences, hence why this era of hip hop is sometimes termed the "blog era".

Emerging artists at the time such as Wale , Kendrick Lamar , [] J. B were noted by critics as expressing eclectic sounds, sensitive life experiences, and vulnerable emotions that were rarely seen in the prior bling era.

Also at this time, the Auto-Tune vocal effect was bolstered in popularity by rapper T-Pain , who elaborated on the effect and made active use of Auto-Tune in his songs. Trap music is a subgenre of rap originating from the late s to early s. It grew in the mid-late s to become a mainstream sensation, frequently having songs top the Billboard hip hop charts.

Trap artists that originated in the s were able to recapture mainstream success in the s with the rise of trap, including 2 Chainz , Gucci Mane and Juicy J , becoming more successful in the latter part of their career than when they debuted. Critics of the trap genre have used the term " mumble rap " to describe the heavily auto-tuned, and sometimes hard to understand, delivery of verses from a majority of the artists.

It's different. The standards are different, the criteria that's taken into consideration in determining validity is different. We're at a point in history where lyricism almost comes last in very many regards. The rise of streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music in the mid-late s greatly impacted the entire music business as a whole. In , Drake released a free streaming-only project titled More Life , which he called a " playlist ", insisting that it was neither a mixtape nor an album.

The online audio distribution platform SoundCloud played a massive role in the creation of various artists' careers in the latter half of the s. These songs are usually closely related to trap, but have also been labeled separately as SoundCloud rap. They have been characterized as usually having moody, sad undertones, and usually feature lo-fi rough production.

The genre has been met with much criticism for its low effort in lyrics and production, [] and the problematic nature of the artists to arise from it, such as Lil Peep's drug abuse that led to his death, [] the multiple assault charges to XXXTentacion, [] 6ix9ine pleading guilty to using a child in a sexual performance, [] and the murder charges on Tay-K.

Hip-hop music has reached the cultural corridors of the globe and has been absorbed and reinvented around the world. Hip hop has globalized into many cultures worldwide, as evident through the emergence of numerous regional scenes. It has emerged globally as a movement based upon the main tenets of hip hop culture. The music and the art continue to embrace, even celebrate, its transnational dimensions while staying true to the local cultures to which it is rooted.

Hip-hop's impact differs depending on each culture. Still, the one thing virtually all hip hop artists worldwide have in common is that they acknowledge their debt to those African-American people in New York who launched the global movement. Latinos and people from the Caribbean played an integral role in the early development of hip hop in New York, and the style spread to almost every country in that region.

Hip hop first developed in the South Bronx, which had a high Latino, particularly Puerto Rican, population in the s. With Latino rap groups like Cypress Hill on the American charts, Mexican rap rock groups, such as Control Machete , rose to prominence in their native land. In many Latin American countries, as in the U.

Hip hop grew steadily more popular in Cuba in the s and s through Cuba's Special Period that came with the fall of the Soviet Union. When hip-hop emerged, the Cuban government opposed the vulgar image that rappers portrayed, but later accepted that it might be better to have hip-hop under the influence of the Ministry of Culture as an authentic expression of Cuban Culture. Black and indigenous people in Latin America and Caribbean islands have been using hip hop for decades to discuss race and class issues in their respective countries.

Brazilian hip hop is heavily associated with racial and economic issues in the country, where a lot of Afro-Brazilians live in economically disadvantaged communities, known in Brazil as favelas. Reggaeton , a Puerto Rican style of music, has a lot of similarities with U. Both were influenced by Jamaican music , and both incorporate rapping and call and response. In Venezuela, social unrest at the end of the s and beginning of the s coincided with the rise of gangsta rap in the United States and led to the rise of that music in Venezuela as well.

Venezuelan rappers in the s generally modeled their music after gangsta rap, embracing and attempting to redefine negative stereotypes about poor and black youth as dangerous and materialistic and incorporating socially conscious critique of Venezuela's criminalization of young, poor, Afro-descended people into their music. In Haiti , hip hop developed in the early s.

Master Dji and his songs "Vakans" and "Politik Pa m" are mostly credited with the rise of Haitian hip hop. Haitian hip hop has recently become a way for artists of Haitian backgrounds in the Haiti and abroad to express their national identity and political opinions about their country of origin. In Europe, Africa, and Asia, hip hop began to move from the underground to mainstream audiences. In Europe, hip hop was the domain of both ethnic nationals and immigrants.

British hip hop , for example, became a genre of its own and spawned artists such as Wiley , Dizzee Rascal , The Streets and many more. Italy found its own rappers, including Jovanotti and Articolo 31 , grow nationally renowned, while the Polish scene began in earnest early in the decade with the rise of PM Cool Lee.

In Romania , B. Mafia came out of Bucharest 's Pantelimon neighborhood, and their brand of gangsta rap underlines the parallels between life in Romania's Communist-era apartment blocks and in the housing projects of America's ghettos. One of the countries outside the US where hip-hop is most popular is the United Kingdom.

Grime , a genre of music derived from UK Garage and drum and bass and influenced by hip hop, emerged in the early s with artists such as Dizzee Rascal becoming successful. Although it is immensely popular, many British politicians criticize the music for what they see as promoting theft and murder, similar to gangsta rap in America.

These criticisms have been deemed racist by the mostly Black British grime industry. Despite its controversial nature, grime has had a major effect on British fashion and pop music, with many young working-class youth emulating the clothing worn by grime stars like Dizzee Rascal and Wiley.

In Germany and France, gangsta rap has become popular among youths who like the violent and aggressive lyrics. These references also spawned great controversy in Germany. In the Netherlands, MC Brainpower went from being an underground battle rapper to mainstream recognition in the Benelux , thus influencing numerous rap artists in the region.

In Israel , rapper Subliminal reaches out to Israeli youth with political and religious-themed lyrics, usually with a Zionist message. In Japan, where underground rappers had previously found a limited audience, and popular teen idols brought a style called J-rap to the top of the charts in the middle of the s. Of particular importance is the influence on East Asian nations, where hip hop music has become fused with local popular music to form different styles such as K-pop , C-pop and J-pop.

Israel 's hip hop grew greatly in popularity at the end of the decade, with several stars both Palestinian Tamer Nafar and Israeli Subliminal. In Portugal hip hop has his own kind of rapping, which is more political and underground scene, they are known for Valete , Dealema and Halloween. Russian hip hop emerged during last years of Soviet Union and cemented later, with groups like Malchishnik and Bad Balance enjoying mainstream popularity in the s, while Ligalize and Kasta were popular in the s.

In former Yugoslavia hip hop first appeared during the s mostly with Serbian hip hop with performers such as B-boy , The Master Scratch Band , Badvajzer, and others. During the late s hip hop had a boom, with Rambo Amadeus and later Beogradski sindikat becoming a major performer. Bosnian and Herzegovinian hip hop is nowadays dominated by Edo Maajka.

In the region hip hop is often used as a political and social message in song themes such as war, profiteering, corruption, etc. Frenkie , another Bosnian rapper, is associated with Edo Maajka, and has collaborated beyond Bosnian borders. In Tanzania in the early s, local hip hop artists became popular by infusing local styles of Afrobeat and arabesque melodies, dancehall and hip-hop beats with Swahili lyrics.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Hip-hop music. Music genre. For other uses, see Hip hop disambiguation. Funk disco electronic music dub rhythm and blues reggae dancehall jazz [1] toasting performance poetry spoken word signifyin' the Dozens griots scat singing talking blues. Rapping turntables DJ mixer drum machine music sequencer synthesizer keyboard.

Big beat breakbeat breakbeat hardcore electro grime heavy hardcore [3] IDM neo soul oldschool jungle trip hop. Further information: Sound system Jamaican. Further information: List of hip hop genres. Main article: New school hip hop. Main article: Golden age hip hop. Main articles: Gangsta rap and West Coast hip hop.

Many black rappers—including Ice-T and Sister Souljah—contend that they are being unfairly singled out because their music reflects deep changes in society not being addressed anywhere else in the public forum. The white politicians, the artists complain, neither understand the music nor desire to hear what's going on in the devastated communities that gave birth to the art form.

Rap is the rock 'n' roll of the day. Rock 'n' roll was about attitude, rebellion, a big beat, sex and, sometimes, social comment. If that's what you're looking for now, you're going to find it here. Main article: East Coast—West Coast hip hop rivalry.

Main article: East Coast hip hop. Main article: West Coast hip hop. What once was rap now is hip hop, an endlessly various mass phenomenon that continues to polarize older rock and rollers , although it's finally convinced some gatekeeping generalists that it may be of enduring artistic value—a discovery to which they were beaten by millions of young consumers black and white.

Ain't That a Groove. Hot Chocolate. So Dam Funky. Sexy Moods of Your Mind. Messin' With Sly. Their old pals the Cuban Boys guest on A-side "Let Them Know", adding their distinctive rapped and sung vocals to a hip-swinging mambo-influenced backing track full to bursting with Cuban rhythms, jaunty guitar licks and barrio horns.

Over on the flip, regular collaborator Andy Cooper raps his way through a fiery funk-rock-meets hip-hop bomb that will have hands shooting skywards faster than you can say, "Mine's a Tequila shooter!

Dance Now 7". On the flip, Andy Cooper features on the rap-pop hybrid vocals of "Fade Away", a feel-good party tune that is solely focused on getting you to move! Rock Rock 7". Main Event 7". Best known for his witty wordplay and character on Ugly Duckling records, here Andy gets to show off both sides to his expansive flow; "Main Event" is a chubby disco groove laced with mountains of funk, creating space for Andy's laidback-but-hypey charm.

In perfect contrast "Buzzsaw" is a much sweatier funk jam allowing Cooper to get rapid and tongue-twisty in a way that only he knows how. Keep on pushing Heat Rock US. It's a flip of Ghostface Killah's "Cherchez La Ghost", with the venerable rapper's verses rising above a weighty backing track crafted from hand picked samples of classic funk jams. Weighty and floor-friendly, it's the kind of bootleg revision that's guaranteed to get the party started. Allegria De Vino Vol 1 7".

MotorCity Wine Detroit. For this 2 volume series Andres flexes his blunted downtempo beat-driven side, complete with his primo cut skills celebrating our favorite red, white, and pink libations. Both volumes feature 3 instrumental hip-hop beats, cut loud at Allegria De Vino Vol 2 7".

Cloudriders 7". Certain Sounds. Trust In Wax Germany. Top Billin 7" limited to copies 1 per customer. Here the hip-hop club classic is given the reissue treatment by fresh label Know How, marking the cut's first appearance on "45" for 32 years.

The A-side vocal version - the most famous of the two takes - is a great example of the dancefloor power of stripped-back hip-hop, with the completed cut being little more than chunky drum machine beats and on-point raps rich in call-and-response sections and crowd-pleasing slogans. The harder to find flipside instrumental lays this bare, peppering the duo's beat with select snippets of reverb-laden chants. Save Them limited hand-numbered 7". Tuff Kong Italy. In My Defense CD. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon!

Sexiness is largely subjective. One person's sexy album cover might be another's buzzkill. Though everyone can agree that Prince is the bomb.

A-side "Straight Jacket" is a bona fide NYC hip-hop club classic, with the duo adding tight raps to a drowsy but dancefloor-friendly "Golden era" beat. Flipside "Get Funky" is a little more densely layered and laidback in tone, though it's still lively enough to suggest that it's worthy of regular club spins again. .

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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of You Sexy Thing on Discogs. Label: EMI - CDHOT ,EMI - 8 2 8 • Format: CD Single • Country: Europe • Genre: Funk / Soul, Stage & Screen • Style: Disco, Theme/5.
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    Jul 27,  · Hot Chocolate is the second studio album by British soul band Hot Chocolate. It was released in November on the RAK Records label, owned by Mickie Most, who was the band's producer. The album peaked at number thirty-four on the UK Albums Chart and forty-one on the US Billboard album chart/5(32).
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Greatest Hits Volume Two on Discogs. Label: Music For Pleasure - 8 2 3,Music For Pleasure - CDMFP ,Music For Pleasure - CD-MFP • Format: CD Compilation • Country: UK • Genre: Funk / Soul • Style: Soul, Funk, Disco/5(3).
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    Explore releases from the Funky Chocolate label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Funky Chocolate releases.
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    Hot Chocolate: From till Hot Chocolate released ten singles. The first single HOT CHOCOLATE, released in the seventies, is 'Disco Queen' on Records. Other released tracks are 'Every On.
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    Comments: 1 Uh Everybody in the world like chocolate Mmmh we love it oh it makes so happy yeah get so sexy Un dos un dos tres Mama she said rolly rolly, papa he said holly molly Everybody want a chocolate All the girls are getty getty All the .
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of The Funkin 80s on Discogs. Label: Telstar TV - TTVCD,BMG - TTVCD • Format: 2x, CD Compilation • Country: Europe • Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Funk / Soul, Pop • Style: House, Pop Rap, Soul, Funk.

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